Working Full-time and Finishing a Degree? Here’s How Adults Can Do It

Anyone who has entered the work-world and started paying off a mortgage knows a simple truth about adulthood: life can get busier than you ever imagined when you were younger. It often feels like you are not just burning a candle at both ends, but trying to keep multiple candles burning at the same time.

Yet if you are working a full-time job, you also know a college education can help you advance your career and provide fulfillment in terms of furthering your education and expanding your horizons. For most adults, adding even one class in a week might seem daunting. Fortunately, there are several advantages to completing an online degree at a Bible-based college; some of the benefits might even seem a little surprising.

Dr. Fawn McCracken, the Dean of the Crown College School of Online Studies and Graduate School, explains in this interview why choosing to complete your degree as an adult might be more attainable than you imagine.

What is it about online college that works so well for those who are settled in a job, a family and in life?

Dr. McCracken: Adult students can dive into their coursework any hour of the day. They can choose a time that works best for them. They do not need to drive anywhere or be gone a night each week to complete their courses. For those who need to travel for work, they can access their courses from any location where there is internet available. Often, online education is more affordable than on-campus programs as well.

What are the latest trends that employers are looking for in their potential candidates, especially regarding specific training and continued education?

Dr. McCracken: Organizations encourage employees to continue to expand and grow in their positions. Often times that may be through higher education. The type of specific training needed and desired within an organization often depends on the type of industry. However, there are a few common skills that seem to cut across most industries including teamwork, problem solving, and written and verbal communication. All of these competencies are embedded into a Crown College education.

What advice do you have for adults considering going back to college in terms of making the decision and making it work with their job?

Dr. McCracken: It is critical to find a degree program that is flexible and fits into their life, including their work life. Even when the timing of classes appear to fit nicely with your life, going back to school is disruptive and will require a new normal to be established. A supportive employer often becomes a major factor in a student’s ability to persist and complete a degree program.

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